18 Hamburger Bun Alternatives That're a Million Times Better Than Gluten-Free Bread

by Justina Huddleston
Aug 3, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET
Hamburger bun alternatives
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Back in the day when we were young and carefree, a good, old-fashioned white hamburger bun was the bee's knees. We also walked to school uphill both ways in the snow. But times have changed. It may be easier to get to school and work, but gone are the days when we could wrap our burgers up in a glorious gluten-filled bun without batting an eyelash. We've got our health to worry about now, people!

And though we've tried to enjoy ourselves as we bite into a juicy patty enveloped in a gluten-free bun or two slices of GF bread, we just can't. It's not the same, and don't even try to tell us that it is. So instead of going with the wannabe bread bun, we're taking things in an entirely different direction.

Whether you're trying to ditch carbs or just eat cleaner, you're going to dig these hamburger bun alternatives.

Originally published July 2016. Updated August 2017.

1 /19: Grilled eggplant bun

1/19 :Grilled eggplant bun

Grilled eggplant buns and grass-fed beef make these burgers something you can really get excited over.

2 /19: Portobello buns

2/19 :Portobello buns

These juicy burgers are nestled between roasted portobello caps.

3 /19: Mushroom buns

3/19 :Mushroom buns

Smaller mushroom buns make this petite fried egg sandwich look even more delicious.

4 /19: Sweet potato slider buns

4/19 :Sweet potato slider buns

Whether you keep it vegetarian or swap out the veggies for meat, these sweet potato slider buns will be a hit.

5 /19: Sliced zucchini buns

5/19 :Sliced zucchini buns

These juicy herbed turkey burgers with zucchini buns are a flavorful, low-cal option for your next barbecue.

6 /19: Paleo plantain buns

6/19 :Paleo plantain buns

These soy-free vegan burgers are served between Paleo-friendly plantain buns.

7 /19: Bunless fiesta burgers

7/19 :Bunless fiesta burgers

Sometimes you don't need any bun. These low-carb, bunless fiesta burgers are totally tasty on their own.

8 /19: Bread cheese buns

8/19 :Bread cheese buns

These bread cheese buns just might kill you, but hey, at least they're gluten-free.

9 /19: Tomato buns

9/19 :Tomato buns

Juicy late-summer tomatoes make a perfect Paleo burger bun, and avocado makes them extra tasty.

10 /19: Mini bunless cheeseburgers

10/19 :Mini bunless cheeseburgers

These bunless burger skewers with Thousand Island dip are a fun, gluten-free appetizer for any party.

11 /19: Spiralized veggie buns

11/19 :Spiralized veggie buns

Sick of veggie noodles but still in love with your spiralizer? Then check out this recipe for spiralized buns.

12/19 :Lettuce buns

Crispy, cool lettuce is the perfect gluten-free bun for these decadent bacon, Swiss and avocado burgers.

13 /19: ‘Everything bagel’ cauliflower buns

13/19 :‘Everything bagel’ cauliflower buns

These refined flour-free cauliflower buns get an extra boost of flavor thanks to everything bagel seasoning.

14 /19: Thai sticky rice buns

14/19 :Thai sticky rice buns

If you're gluten-free but still craving carbs, then these Thai sticky rice burger buns are the way to go.

15 /19: Rice paper wraps

15/19 :Rice paper wraps

A burger on rice paper? Sure, we'll take it.

16 /19: Burger bowl

16/19 :Burger bowl

When in doubt, throw it all in a bowl and call it a day.

17 /19: Sweet potato-bacon burger bites

17/19 :Sweet potato-bacon burger bites

Sweet potato, burger and bacon? Giddyap.

18 /19: Pineapple slices

18/19 :Pineapple slices

What's good enough for pizza is good enough for a burger.

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Hamburger bun alternatives
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