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13 Halloween Cocktails & Mocktails That’ll Kick Your All Hallows Eve Up a Notch

Candy, candy, candy. Everybody’s always giving all the attention to candy at Halloween-time, but you know what really makes us feel festive? The perfect ghoulish drink.

Sure, sweets are a Halloween institution (trick-or-treating would kind of be a moot point without all the candy), but there’s just something about holding a blood-red cocktail that makes you feel especially in the mood for anything spooky. Add some spiders and a little dry ice and you’ve pretty much got perfection.

We’ve rounded up a huge list of beverage recipes that will seriously take your All Hallows Eve to the next level. And not all of them have booze, either. We’ve included some fun mocktails that adults and children alike will have a blast sipping on. From slime punch to a vampire milkshake, you’re gonna want to try all of these out.

Originally posted October 2015. Updated October 2019.

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