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12 Different Ways to Use All of That Apple Cider You Stocked Up On

Whether you opt for store-bought or you make a fresh, belly- and soul-warming batch in your crock pot, apple cider (and, even better, spiced apple cider) is a quintessential fall benerage. As the leaves turn and the temps drop, nothing is more inviting than a glass of apple cider. And, as they say, there’s never such a thing as too much apple cider. Because when you have too much? You simply repurpose it in a delicious sweet — or savory! — recipe.

What makes apple cider so wonderful as an ingredient is its incredible versatility. Not only is the ingredient known for its health benefits (it helps stabilize blood sugar and act as a detoxifier, among other benefits), but apple cider’s acidic notes and tangy bite allows it to pair perfectly with a wide range of both sweet and savory ingredients, from juicy pork to creamy vanilla ice cream.

The proof? These 12 mouthwatering dishes and cocktails that allow one of fall’s favorite treats, apple cider, to shine.

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