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12 Sweet & Savory Ways to Use Fall’s Most Delicious Fruit: Concord Grapes

An addicting, juicy-sweet fall treat, concord grapes can be used in more than merely juices and jellies. It’s true; and for those who may not believe in the power of the Concord grape, which is harvested in September through late October, we have just the recipes — both sweet and savory — to prove just how versatile this fragrant fruit just is.

Because Concord grape season is so fleeting, it can be difficult to find the fall fruit in stores; but when you do, do yourself a favor and pick up a couple bags. And when you’re done getting your fill of the sweet-as-candy fruit, feature your leftover Concord grapes in your next salmon dish (yep, the fruit pairs surprisingly well with savory dishes). Or, how about filling your kitchen with the intoxicating aroma of a Concord Grape Focaccia Ring? Because we found the recipe for that, too.

Ahead, we’ve gathered 12 sweet and savory ways to use fall’s most delicious fruit: Concord grapes.

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