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If You Aren’t Grilling Your Cocktails, You’re Missing Out on Loads of Flavor

Can you hear it? The sizzle of the meat on the grill? Or, how about the clacking of the knife hitting the cutting board as it slices into your umpteenth watermelon for the week? Summer’s practically upon us; and this time around, we’re leveling up our outdoor barbecues — and not with new summer dishes. Nah, we’re keeping our eye on our fruity cocktails and giving them a fresh, grilled twist.

This summer is all about the grilled cocktail. And there are two easy ways to turn your favorite, refreshing summer cocktail into a grilled cocktail. The easiest way? Quickly grill accompanying, complementary fruits and slide onto the rim or place directly atop the cocktail as a garnish. And for more hearty, savory cocktails, like the Bloody Mary, give a variety of whole veggies a nice char and slip them right into the drink.

You can also mix grilled fruits and veggies directly into the drink. Doing so will not only infuse your go-to cocktails with a smoky char, but it’ll also thoroughly impress your guests — and their tastebuds. But for this method, we recommend giving a few of our favorite grilled cocktail recipes a shot first. And lucky for you, we’ve gathered 14 of them right here. Keep scrolling.

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