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3-Ingredient Dinners You Can Make With All Trader Joe’s Products

When you go to Trader Joe’s, you know you’re going to leave with a truckload full of freezer foods that make you feel fancy, snacks you’ll probably polish off by the end of the week (or day, whatever), and a sense of satisfaction knowing you didn’t have to blow your whole budget on groceries. And while the freezer foods and snacks are understandably a mainstay on your list, you shouldn’t overlook weeknight meal ingredients. 

We get it; you might be intimidated by some of the gourmet-style items stocking TJ’s shelves. You might assume that you can’t throw together a quick and simple meal using only products from TJ’s. In reality, though, TJ’s is a mecca for easy dinner ingredients. One trip can yield you enough stuff to stock your fridge (and freezer) full of just about everything you’ll need for an entire week’s worth of dinners. 

To that end, we pulled together 18 dinner ideas using TJ’s ingredients — three to be exact. As in, yes, the following meals can be created using only three ingredients. Of course, we’re operating under the assumption that you have standard cooking supplies like oils, salt, pepper and spices, which we’re not including in our ingredient lists. After all, everyone likes to season things according to their own taste, right? 

So, go on and lean in… there’s nothing wrong with a lazy meal every now and then. Or, let’s be real, every other night. We’re all busy! And since so many of TJ’s ingredients are organic, you can feel good about these three-ingredient dinners.

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