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16 Surprising S’mores Ingredients You’ll Wish You Thought of First

The Summer Backyard Camping Guide

Think back to the last time you ate a s’more. The crispy-sweet crunch of the graham cracker. The crumbs mingling with the melty, gooey marshmallow and chocolate. And if you’re anything like me, the outside of the marshmallow has a nice, black char — because my best intentions of a perfectly golden treat go up in flames as quickly as said marshmallow. It was a good s’more. A s’more like this could never disappoint you. But around here, we’re all about challenging the status quo. Which is why we set out to round up ingredients that are guaranteed to level-up this campfire classic.

The first step, when it comes to s’more innovation, is swapping the traditional (dare we say boring?) marshmallow and chocolate with Stuffed Puffs® Chocolate Filled Marshmallows. The team at Stuffed Puffs® changed the game when they put creamy milk chocolate inside the marshmallow. It’s ok if we just blew your mind. The next step is inviting one of these surprising ingredients to the party (or the backyard campsite; your pick).

Keep reading and you’ll find our best suggestions for improving upon your basic s’more. It starts with adding unique and fun flavors (and yes, the conversation begins with bacon). Then we move right along to toppings — real innovators may resort to dipping their s’mores in some of them, rather than just drizzling them over top. All we gotta say is: you do you. And finally, we present a bevy of suggestions for graham cracker replacements. Now the fun part — picking which surprising ingredients to try out first.

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