18 Scary-Good Dinosaur Foods Perfect for a Summer Dino Bash

by Justina Huddleston
May 6, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Summer's almost here, and when could there be a more perfect time for a backyard dinosaur party, am I right?

Even if it's just a small gathering of some dinosaur toys in the warm grass, a couple of dino-themed treats will take the party to the next level. From Jurassic Jell-O shots to erupting lava cake, the treats ahead will have you covered.

Originally published June 2015. Updated May 2017. 

1 /18: T.rex watermelon

1/18 :T.rex watermelon

Undoubtably the best way to get kids (and adults) to eat fruit.

2 /18: Fondant dinos

2/18 :Fondant dinos

Master these fondant dinos, and you can make any dessert worthy of a Jurassic Park viewing party.

3 /18: Pretzel fossils

3/18 :Pretzel fossils

Mini pretzel sticks and marshmallows covered in white chocolate make perfect mini dino fossils.

4 /18: Wafflesaurus

4/18 :Wafflesaurus

What better way to start your day than with a delicious dino-riffic waffle?

5 /18: Dino pudding cups

5/18 :Dino pudding cups

These "dirt cake" pudding cups are the perfect way to serve up some dinosaur realness.

6 /18: T. rex cake

6/18 :T. rex cake

While this T. rex tries to dig itself out of this cake, you'll be digging in.

7 /18: Dino toast

7/18 :Dino toast

Some clever cutting makes your toast with cheese and veggies look like a scene out of Jurassic World.

8 /18: Fossil breadsticks

8/18 :Fossil breadsticks

Tomato "lava" soup with dinosaur fossil breadsticks are a perfect lunch for any dino lover.

9 /18: Bagelbitesaurus

9/18 :Bagelbitesaurus

Combine a guilty pleasure snack food with some fresh veggies in a whimsical dino shape.

10 /18: S'mores fossil cake

10/18 :S'mores fossil cake

Dinosaurs and s'mores — who could ask for a better combination?

11 /18: Pteranodon nests

11/18 :Pteranodon nests

These treats, filled with candy eggs, look just like a flying dino's nest.

12 /18: Chocolate dino dropping

12/18 :Chocolate dino dropping

Sure, dino droppings are gross, but they're also pretty hilarious.

13 /18: Erupting volcano cake

13/18 :Erupting volcano cake

This erupting volcano cake will liven up even the dullest party.

14 /18: Dino track cookies

14/18 :Dino track cookies

Use a clean dinosaur figurine foot to make tracks in your fave cookie dough before baking.

15 /18: Ice cream excavation

15/18 :Ice cream excavation

Ice cream somehow gets even more fun when you hide dinosaur fossils inside.

16 /18: Jurassic Park party

16/18 :Jurassic Park party

These fun Jell-O shots hold gummy candy dino "fossils." Who ever said dinosaurs are just for kids?

17 /18: Dino egg treats

17/18 :Dino egg treats

Rice Krispies are so much tastier when they look like dino eggs.

18 /18: Dino bento lunch

18/18 :Dino bento lunch

Bringing lunch from home is way more exciting when you have a triceratops in your lunchbox.