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All of Trader Joe’s Best Frozen Foods, Ranked

There are myriad reasons Trader Joe’s has a cult following. But let’s be real: Their impressive selection of artisanal frozen food has to be one of the biggest. Quick, easy, affordable, delicious — what’s not to love? A stroll through TJ’s freezer section will always yield new favorites, along with the staples you can’t resist (we’re looking at you, cauliflower gnocchi). There’s just one problem. While variety is a good thing, it can make deciding what to take home downright daunting. 

Obviously, it would be nearly impossible to rank every single one of TJ’s frozen food offerings. Have you seen their freezer section?! Seriously, it’s large and in charge, thus bringing us to our current predicament of utter indecisiveness. So, we decided to take a look at the grocer’s frozen food items everyone always seems to be raving about… and rank them. Is the Mandarin Orange Chicken really that dreamy? Is the Chicken Tikka Masala the stuff foodie dreams about made of? By poring over countless reviews and pulling in our own personal experience — thanks for the assist, taste buds — we stacked some of TJ’s most popular frozen foods up against each other. 

Granted, we know how this goes. Trader Joe’s fans swear fierce allegiances to their favorite TJ’s foods and will debate about them for days (months, years even). But keep an open mind. You might just find a few new favorites in our ranking, which runs from good to frickin’ phenomenal.

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