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The Absolute Best Frozen Foods to Buy at Costco, According to Reviews

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Frozen foods get a pretty bad rap. And honestly, they don’t deserve it. Sure, you have your mozzarella sticks, your pizza bagels, and your toaster waffles. But while these decadent snacks may have made up a disproportionate amount of our dorm room diets, they represent only a fraction of what the frozen food aisle has to offer. And nowhere is this more obvious than in Costco’s frozen foods section.

Take a moment to peruse Costco’s frozen food selection, and you’ll find everything from gourmet chocolate cakes to Wagyu beef burgers. King crab abounds—so does wild Alaskan salmon. And in true Costco style, both are available in 10-pound packs. Also abundant? Sets of fully crafted meals. We’re talking seared chicken breasts paired with cooked vegetables, grain-encrusted cod atop a bed of broccoli and cauliflower, and salmon filets served alongside sauteed asparagus spears. These are just three of the seven meals you can find in a single party pack. (And yes, the other four meals in the set sound exactly as delicious.)

Costco is proving that not only can frozen food be gourmet—it can feel genuinely special. Part of the allure of fine dining is that you get to eat something you could’ve never made yourself. Delivery and takeout offer a similar kind of convenience. But none of these options are as budget-friendly as a home-cooked meal. Genuinely nice frozen foods make it easier to close this gap. They invite you to indulge in delicious food you didn’t have to cook for yourself, while offering the convenience and (general) affordability of a home-cooked meal.

No, you probably can’t set up a Michelin Star restaurant from the comfort of your kitchen, but with a few of these foods, you can get pretty darn close. Date night in the Costco frozen food aisle, anyone?

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