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Drop That Gin & Tonic & Try One of These Unique Gin Cocktails Instead

Picture it: You’re lounging by the pool, and in your right hand is an ice-cold cocktail. What’s in it? Tequila? Vodka? How about… gin?

Gin might not be the first spirit to come to mind as a refreshing summer spritzer, but after taking a look at the fruity, citrus-spiked cocktails we’ve rounded up for you, it will. Because gin isn’t reserved for just gin and tonics (boring); gin’s juniper berries and botanicals also pair well with Prosecco and rose water and even orange liqueur. (That’s right, you can still have your pool-side margarita — but with gin.)

From fresh, creative cocktails to twists on classic recipes, behold all of the delicious gin-based cocktails you only wished you tried sooner.

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