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Google Says These Are the 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now

We can’t go out to restaurants, take-out is spotty, and we can only have so many frozen pizzas before we get the itch to try cooking some of our favorite recipes from scratch. It seems like we’re not the only ones who’ve had the urge to start baking and sauteeing up a storm.

It turns out that people are searching for recipes on Google more than they ever have before and we get it, I mean what else is there to do. You can only rewatch Friends so many times! But exactly which recipes people are looking for is pretty interesting.

Thanks to data from Google Trends, we were able to take a look at the most popular recipes people are searching for since stay-at-home orders began and because we know you’re going to want to try them out for yourself, we then found some of the tastiest versions of each popular recipe to share. Whether you’re craving a classic banana bread, brownies with a twist, or a comfort food dinner the whole family will love, these are the quarantine cooking recipes that won’t let you down.

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