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12 Hearty Ina Garten Dishes to Make While It’s Still Kinda Chilly Outside

Ina Garten is a woman after our own heart — even during a pandemic. “It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis!” Garten said in an Instagram video showing her pouring her quarantine cocktail into the biggest martini glass. That’s why she’s the first chef we turn to to gather ideas of what to make in the kitchen. More recently, we’ve been on the hunt for warm, comforting, hearty dishes to make to as we turn the corner from Winter Way and into Spring Street. (Forgive our cheesy jokes. We’re hangry.)

When we think of hearty dishes, our stomach immediately grumbles for carb-loaded, saucy pasta dishes, like Garten’s roasted veggie lasagna loaded with zucchinis, whole-milk ricotta, and cups upon cups of Rao’s marinara sauce. We also suddenly salivate for creamy corn chowder soups, like Garten’s corn chowder swimming with lobster chunks, Yukon Gold potatoes, celery, and bacon. And there’s plenty more Garten-penned hearty dishes from which to choose.

Pour yourself a glass of Garten’s quarantine cocktail and get ready to make the meal of your life; because, ahead, we’ve gathered 12 heavy, hearty, comfort food dishes you’d be remiss not to make while it’s still cold outside.

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