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Ina Garten Cakes That Will Be the Star of Any Easter Meal

So, you’ve amassed a heap of Cadbury Creme Eggs, you’ve finally perfected the deviled egg recipe, and you’ve bookmarked a handful of Easter appetizers for this year’s spread. But, what about the dessert? Should you bake cupcakes? Or maybe you should opt for something healthier? If you want our advice, we say, “Let them eat cake!” And by that we mean, “Let them eat an Ina Garten cake!”

That’s right; for the best cake recipes out there, turn to none other than the Barefoot Contessa host and chef.

Garten has a whopping 11 cookbooks, and within those cookbooks are plenty of delicious cake recipes, from rich chocolate cakes to fresh fruit-topped desserts. In Garten’s 2016 cookbook Cooking for Jeffrey, specifically, is her devil’s food cake, a recipe that’s popular among home cooks and food bloggers alike.

“This cake is a showstopper!” Garten wrote in the cookbook, adding that it typically takes her two days to make her devil’s food cake. “I bake the cakes one day and make the buttercream and assemble the cakes the next so it is not too daunting. I adore the combination of moist chocolate cake and lighter-than-air buttercream.”

Ahead, we’ve gathered Garten’s best cake recipes for easter — or any special occasion, really — including her famous devil’s food cake.

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