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The Best Giada De Laurentiis Recipes For Using Up Those Pantry Staples You Just Bought

Sometimes, you just can’t get to the grocery store to stock up on fresh ingredients or to refresh what’s in your fridge. In those times, we rely on what’s already in our pantry to come up with dinner. But sometimes our culinary imaginations start to run dry – there are only so many nights in a row where we want to eat canned bean chili.

Thankfully, Giada de Laurentiis just added a Pantry Recipe Central to her blog Giadzy. She’s sharing some of her favorite recipes that use pantry staples like dried pasta, rice, and beans, and there’s a lot of recipes here we never would have thought of! Best of all, she also is recommending substitutions and replacements for some of the ingredients so you can truly make these meals with what you have on hand.

Intrigued? These are some of our favorite pantry recipes from Giada de Laurentiis.

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