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Savory Pies Are the Easy Comfort Food You’re Not Making, But Should

There are some meals that just make you feel all warm and cozy inside, and we think that pie definitely fits that description. Especially given these uneasy times, we can all use a little extra comforting and coziness, yeah? Whether your pie is made with buttery pie crust or topped with biscuits or puff pastry, there’s just something about a savory pie recipe that makes you feel like all is right with the world. It’s comfort food at its best!

When you think of a savory pie, what comes to mind? Let us guess — chicken pot pie. For many of us, our savory pie experience starts and stops at chicken pot pie. While delicious, it doesn’t have to be that way! There are just as many savory ways to fill a pie as there are sweet. Lots of these savory pies can be made from pantry and freezer staples which is great considering we all just stocked up on those and a lot of these recipes are customizable. If a recipe calls for carrots but all you have is parsnips, toss ’em in! If you feel like doubling the amount of garlic called for, go for it! That’s the beauty of pies — they aren’t fussy, but they are delicious. From savory hand pies to rich beef dishes topped with gluten-free crust, these are the new savory pie recipes you’ve got to add to your roster of comfort foods.

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