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Believe It or Not, These Dishes Actually Taste Better the Second Day

You can never have too many recipes on hand that perfectly lend themselves to mid-week leftovers. But just because the recipe is guaranteed to feed a large family (and then some), that doesn’t mean those leftovers will actually taste good the next day. Take, for instance, that meatloaf you made from scratch: Not looking so moist and juicy after reheating it in the oven or microwave on day two, right? That’s where the following recipes come into play, where the first bite is just as good as the last little bit you scraped out of the container the next night — if not better.

Whether you’re cooking in bulk for a large family and are planning your dinners for the busy week ahead (even going as far as to make a freeze-ahead meal or two) or you’re cooking for one and welcome the leftovers for an easy next-day dinner, these dishes age like a fine wine — and not like that block of cheese you’ve had in your meats-and-cheeses-and-hummus drawer in the fridge for weeks.

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