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18 Kid-Friendly Snacks You Should Stock Up On at Costco


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Spotting the “goldilocks” of kid-friendly snacks is easier said than done. As you stand in the snack foods aisle, staring at the endless brands and options, three questions run through your mind: Is this snack healthy enough? Is it too healthy? And, most importantly, will the kids even like it? They’re all valid questions, but some of us just don’t have the time to research every single product and read every single review. That’s why we’ve curated the only kid-friendly snacks list you’ll ever need. And the best part? All of these snacks are found at Costco.

We considered all important factors: health, ease (are the snacks easy to pack? Easy to grab while on the go?), and how they taste (will the kids immediately spit the snack out and never trust your judgment again?). In the end, we found more than two dozen snacks that are worthy of the commitment of buying in bulk for Costco members.

From fruits and veggies pouches to protein-rich snack mix and drinkable yogurt, here are the best kid-friendly snacks at Costco. And, don’t worry; we also tossed in a couple of indulgences — because some days just call for it. Get your snack on and sign up for a Costco membership here.

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