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15 Ina Garten Dinner Recipes That Will Impress Everyone at Your Table

Here we are, over one year after the pandemic began and vaccines are starting to become the norm. The dream of hosting dinner parties is getting closer and closer and while we’re not quite there yet(thanks, a lot, Delta variant), but (hopefully) soon, we’ll be inviting our vaccinated friends and family over for a long-awaited get-together. When that day comes, you know you’re going to want to go all out with the dinner menu to celebrate. When we’re in need of a mouthwatering and showstopping dinner menu, we almost always find ourselves turning to chef Ina Garten for main course recipes. Why? They’re not only mouthwatering and impressive to guests, but they also don’t require the culinary chops of a James Beard Award-winning chef to make.

“What I’m always looking for is a remembered flavor,” Garten told The Kitchn in 2015 when asked for her best dinner party advice. And as it turns out, many if not all of Garten’s recipes have just that: familiar yet phenomenal flavor. For instance, Garten’s English rib roast may look complicated, but it’s actually an incredibly simple two-step process that leaves you with a juicy, perfectly seasoned piece of meat you can pair with a virtually endless list of side dishes.

So, let us save you all that time flipping through the Barefoot Contessa host’s many, many cookbooks or endlessly scrolling through her website for the perfect main course for your next dinner party. We did the work for you. Ahead, take a look at our favorite Garten recipes that are sure to impress your dinner guests.

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