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We Tried Trader Joe’s Valentine’s Day Treats & One Really Stood Out as the Best

Last month we learned that Trader Joe’s was releasing new treats just in time for Valentine’s Day. One of our favorite Instagram accounts, @TraderJoesObsessed was the first to spot some of the new love-themed items on Trader Joe’s shelves. As soon as Trader Joe’s stocked up the rest of their Valentine’s Day goodies, we ran to the nearest store and grabbed as many as we could. Now, we’ve tried lots of Trader Joe’s products before (we really loved their holiday appetizers and sweet treats) but the new Valentine’s Day collection really stands out as extra special.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the collection for you because everything is extra sweet and we’re not complaining about it. It makes sense that Trader Joe’s left out the savory items for this year’s Valentine’s Day-themed goodies and opted for the more honeyed-up treats (it is the most affectionate holiday after all). While we enjoyed all of Trader Joe’s offerings, there was one item so delicious we wish it would be made available year-round because it’s simply too good to only be eaten once a year. But before we get to that item, let’s take a look at all of the other treats that are still totally worth buying.

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