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22 Ways to Turn Costco’s Rotisserie Chicken Into a Five-Star Meal

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ICYMI, Costco’s rotisserie chicken, along with a bunch of their other products, kind of has a cult following.  In a sea of oversized vats of olives and ketchup jugs the size of your head, the rotisserie chicken stands out for a few reasons: it’s tender, it’s juicy, it’s quick and it’ll only set you back around five bucks. Roughly the cost equivalent of a venti beverage at Starbucks — but unlike a caramel macchiato, Costco’s rotisserie chicken will sustain you for days. Like, it’s big, y’all. We’re not sure where Costco rounds up these birds, but they’re noticeably larger than the ones you’ll find sitting under heat lamps at other supermarkets.

So, in all likelihood, you’ll have a decent amount of leftovers after your first night dining on this grab-and-go entrée. But that’s just another reason you should reach for this pre-cooked poultry! You’ll be dining on it for days. If you’re the type who craves a little more variety from your cuisine, that might not sound super-appealing. However, the internet is a giving place, and a cursory search yields countless recipes you can create using leftover rotisserie chicken from Costco.

But hey, you’re busy. We get it — that’s part of the reason you love Costco’s quick and easy chicken option in the first place. So, we did you a solid and rounded up some of the best recipes out there that you can whip up using your rotisserie chicken remains. If you thought your family loved it the first night, they’re going to love these gourmet remixes.

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