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15 of Ina Garten’s Most Delicious Chocolate Recipes

The Barefoot Contessa star and chef extraordinaire clearly believes in the life-affirming power of chocolate, because she has an impressive array of recipes that feature it as the star ingredient. From cakes and puddings to crisps and bark, she’s got just about every frontier of this sweet stuff covered (or, rather, has it covering all the things). It’s not enough to bake any ol’ chocolate cake. Garten understands that the real key to secure someone’s undying affection is whipping a whole mess of sugar and cocoa powder into a sublimely rich cake and then topping it with a rich chocolate buttercream.

Here, we’ve gathered Garten’s most delicious chocolate recipes that are sure to make your significant other swoon. Flying solo? Well, prepare to fall in love.

A version of this article was originally published February 2020. 

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