I Thought Chickpeas Were Boring Until I Tried These 17 Recipes

If you thought chickpeas were just for hummus and plain old salads, think again. Turns out, the fiber-rich, protein-packed legumes are perfect for everything from curry to cookies! Because of their high starch content and mild flavor, they make for a hearty main dish base and also blend seamlessly into batters and doughs.

You can buy dried chickpeas in the bulk bins and soak them in water overnight to get them ready for use. Or, you can buy them ready-to-go in cans. Either way, chickpeas are a healthy, inexpensive pantry staple that we all should take advantage of.

The ideas below are a mixture of savory and sweet chickpea recipes that you’ll wish you knew about sooner. There are stews and baked chickpea cakes for meatless Mondays, and brownies and blondies for nutrient-dense desserts.