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12 Recipes Featuring 2020’s Trendiest Ingredients

Ube. Japanese souffle pancakes. Floral infused dishes. Boozy kombucha. These are just some of the buzzy foods trend forecasters (yep, it’s a real job!) are predicting to be on our plates and in our IG feeds in 2020

“In 2020, we can expect a big splash of color in foodie photos with vibrant dishes and dazzling desserts. The camera definitely eats first with 2020’s irresistibly photo-worthy foods, and Yelpers are already adding tons of color to reviews with pictures of ube donuts, taiyaki, soufflé pancakes and more!” According to Tara Lewis, Trend Expert at Yelp

If you want to keep up with the trends but your local diner doesn’t yet have honey brick toast or ube buns on the breakfast menu, consider recreating these dishes at home. While some of these recipes are more of an afternoon project than others, most are totally doable and anything but blah and basic. Tomatoey shrimp pasta with fennel pollen will spice up pasta night and a spiced plum kombucha cocktail is sure to liven up happy hour. These trendy recipes are colorful, flavorful and anything but ordinary. Read on for the recipes we can’t wait to try in 2020!

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