11 Recipes That Make Perfect Holiday Hostess Gifts

If you’ve ever thrown a themed holiday party, cocktail hour, or big family dinner, you know firsthand how much work goes into preparing and hosting one of these events. Making food and drinks, keeping people happy and entertained, and of course the dreaded clean up are all kinds of exhausting, so we like to bring a little something along to give the hostess or host of the events we attend as a token of our appreciation.

A hostess gift doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, sometimes a homemade gift can make a bigger impression than a bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers — it shows the host of the event that you also put time into thinking about them, and it’s a tasty way to show your thanks.

Whether you show up with a plate of cookies, breakfast for the next morning, or a pint of fresh homemade eggnog, these homemade edible gifts will put a smile on your hostess’ face.