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A Complete Ranking of Trader Joe’s Holiday Sweet Treats

Every year, right after Thanksgiving, something magical happens. No, we’re not talking about Black Friday, we’re talking about that enchanting moment when Trader Joe’s graces us with their new, limited-edition holiday foods. This year, Trader Joe’s went above and beyond by adding a whopping 84 products to their holiday lineup. Of course, we went to pick up these new products as soon as we could.

The number of products and goodies Trader Joe’s has available is overwhelming, so we decided to pick out the best-looking sweet treats in the store and taste-test them. That way, when you head into Trader Joe’s to grab some of these tasty confections, you’ll have a good idea of what to stock up on and what to maybe skip, depending on your personal preferences.

We grabbed way too many holiday sweets for one person to consume so we assembled a taste-testing crew of experts (read: friends) and we began the arduous task of sampling all of these goodies. Ahead, you’ll find the complete list of our favorite Trader Joe’s holiday sweet treats, ranked from so-so to ho ho ho.

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