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Turkey Tacos & 16 Other Dishes Perfect for a Post-Thanksgiving Feast

Outside of “what am I most grateful for?”, there’s one question on everyone’s mind come Thanksgiving: “WTF do I do with all the extra food afterward?” You can obviously stick it in Tupperware containers as is and shove it into any available nook or cranny left in your fridge — then proceed to live off those leftovers in their original state for a few days (or, if you made a really big meal, a week).

And that’s to say nothing of the extra ingredients hanging around. Because let’s be real, you know you always buy more than you need. Who can blame you? No one wants to be the holiday host who didn’t make enough stuffing to feed the entire table. But the day after Thanksgiving, you’re left to stare at leftover food and piles of things like fresh potatoes, wondering what you can possibly make with the spoils of the day.

If you want to literally and figuratively spice things up, look no further than a fiesta. Whether you’re just making a meal for your household or you invite your besties over for a Friendsgiving, a festive get-together could be the answer to your extra-food woes.

There are countless ways you can transform Thanksgiving leftovers. Here are a few of our favorites.

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