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Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas for People Who Are Over Pie

Let’s be clear about one thing — I am not a person who is “over pie.” I am very much still into pie; always have been, always will be. I may or may not own a t-shirt that says, “you can’t spell happiness without pie.”  But, I understand those who want to shake things up a bit and serve a dessert other than pie on Thanksgiving. Luckily, there are infinite delicious, seasonal, and festive dessert recipes that will even impress and delight the pie devotees. 

Many of these desserts have all the classic, autumnal Thanksgiving flavors like pumpkin, pecan, cranberry, and apple. These recipes are big on flavor and will look gorgeous on your holiday table – even next to the pie.  From cookies and cakes to custards, blondies, brownies, and crisps, we rounded up 24 of the best Thanksgiving desserts that might just steal the show from pie this year.

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