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12 Simple Friendsgiving Recipes So You Can Just Spend Time With Your Pals

Friendsgiving: It’s a time to give thanks for your friends — and the fact that you don’t have to put up with your cousin Penelope complaining about how the turkey isn’t as juicy as her mom’s while you daydream about how your day would’ve been better spent camping out in front of Bed Bath and Beyond for the Black Friday deals.

But it’s no less time-consuming to cook all that food — unless you have the perfect menu. And this one’s filled with slow cooker, pressure cooker, make-ahead and other just plain simple recipes that let you cook a fabulous Thanksgiving meal without the day-of stress so you can spend time with your pals and remember why you threw this party in the first place.

These recipes are so easy to cook you can even enlist your most kitchen-clueless friends to pitch in. And while they may not be your family recipes, you’ll still be serving up a delicious traditional(ish) Thanksgiving dinner that gets everyone geared up for the holiday season — even if they can’t get home for the holiday.

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