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11 Thanksgiving Dishes to Make Now & Reheat Later

We’ve been dreaming about our Thanksgiving menu since October 1st, and that’s because we know the secret to the perfect Thanksgiving meal is planning ahead. Nothing ruins our favorite feast day of the year like spending a panicked day in the kitchen, trying to schedule our oven space, stirring, boiling, mashing and roasting like mad, while trying to check every dish off on our master list and hoping we didn’t forget anything.

Instead, we like to prepare for Thanksgiving on our own schedule. Taking a few weekends to cook up our seasonal favorites at our own pace removes that day-of pressure. Instead, we can take our time, making perfect mashed potato casserole, rich and creamy gravy, tart and sweet cranberry sauce, and fluffy bread rolls, then storing them in our freezer until the big day.

Most of these recipes, even the apple pie, can be made completely ahead of time, then moved right from the freezer to the oven. On the big day, all you’ll have to worry about is the main event – the turkey – and you might even get to enjoy a glass of wine or two while you cook.

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