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19 Warm Soup Recipes to Try Because Snow in May Is Our New Reality

In case 2020 wasn’t terrible enough, mother nature has decided to unleash her wrath upon us in the form of an epic snowstorm that is predicted to hit the Northeast this weekend. Yeah, that means millions of us could be spending Mother’s Day buried in snow and snuggled up in blankets trying to keep warm in the below-freezing temperatures.  That’s where soup comes in. 

The ultimate comfort food, soup is easy to make, easy to eat, and full of wholesome ingredients. A one-pot meal that’s easily customizable depending on your tastes and brothy predilections. Whether you’re into creamy and rich or you’re a ‘more vegetables than broth’ type of person, there’s a soup for you. 

Soup is the answer for just about any cold-weather mood or scenario and it’s basically our only hope for getting through this miserable weekend. Ahead, you’ll find our collection of the internet’s most delicious, warming, flavor-packed soups that you’ll want to make to get you through this crazy storm. 

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