Your Guide to the Essential Fall Instant Pot Recipes

Everyone knows the Instant Pot lets you feed your fam without the temperature spiking during a sweltering summer. But with the busy holiday season ahead, it pays to have an arsenal of fall-tastic Instant Pot recipes at your disposal this time of year too.

Pretty soon, you’ll be trick-or-treating, trying to squeeze Thanksgiving prep between work and school activities and shopping for just the right gifts for your in-laws. It’s hard to imagine fitting in time to cook dinner every night on top of it all. But it can be done.

From weeknight boredom-busters like Punjabi potatoes with fenugreek leaves to a turkey recipe so easy you won’t bother waiting until Thanksgiving to a harvest-flavored cheesecake drizzled in sweet caramel, the range of recipes you can whip up with a pressure cooker is virtually endless. And these recipes feature the fall flavors you crave when the weather gets cooler.