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The Quick Bread Recipes That Are Bursting With Fall Flavors

Cooler weather brings out the inner baker in all of us. But not everyone is up to the challenge (or timeline) of a yeast bread. Enter the humble quick bread.

Quick breads are any bread leavened without yeast or using only eggs as the leavening agent. That’s generally baking powder and/or baking soda. Even if you’ve never heard the term, you’ve been eating some form of quick bread your whole life. Examples include cake, cornbread, beer breads, soda breads, biscuits and even cookies. Though we’d forgive you if you prefer to think of the latter two as their own separate and glorious edibles. Life’s too short for only two categories of bread.

And if you can make a boxed cake, you can make a quick bread. Whether you’re into classic banana or carrot, want to go basic PSL or feel like experimenting with cream cheese swirls and walnut streusel, put one of these fabulous fall-flavored quick breads on your table this week. You won’t be sorry.

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