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11 Bread Recipes to Bake Now That Your Kitchen’s Cooling Down

With the crisp brush of autumn in the air, it’s time to turn our attention to recipes that give our ovens back their rightful title of kitchen workhorse. Save the Instant Pot for root veggies and the slow cooker for soups. Your oven is craving the yeasty scent and loving warmth of a comforting loaf of home-baked bread.

Hit up Amazon for a pound of yeast and a baking stone, and tell your family you’ll see them at Thanksgiving. You’re going to need some time to cook your way through tantalizing baked goods like a faux sourdough (*spoiler*: It uses Greek yogurt), breads both sweet and savory swirled and twisted around tasty fillings, classic Italian breads that aren’t as hard as they look, a cult-favorite bread sure to become your new favorite and Dutch oven no-knead divas — and no one has to know the yeast did the heavy-lifting.

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