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10 Surprisingly Decadent Veggie-Packed Desserts

Listen, maybe it’s not “cool” or “hip,” but we just genuinely love vegetables. Not as much as we love dessert, but enough. In fact, we love our veggies so much that we’ve been known to sneak them into places that some might think they don’t belong – including, yes, our beloved dessert!

Before you freak, hear us out. We’re not talking kale ice cream or broccoli pie. Instead, we look for recipes that pair naturally sweet veggies – like sweet potato, beets, and carrots – with our favorite desserts. Other times, we seek out protein-rich sweets that include black beans or chickpeas, and who could deny the pleasure of a decadent brownie kept moist by shredded zucchini?

These desserts aren’t “healthy” versions of the “real thing.” They’re right and proper sweets in their own right, that just happen to include a hearty helping of vegetables in each bite. Before you turn up your nose, try turning up the temp on the oven so you can make one of these veggie-packed dessert recipes.

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