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The Store-Bought Cakes You’ll Actually Be Proud to Serve

We love to throw a great party, but all of that planning — the decorations, the invites, the drinks — doesn’t always leave us as much time as we’d like for making amazing party food. Especially when we’re doing something really special and need a cake. I mean, who has time to bake a multi-layer cake, frost and decorate it, and deal with everything else that comes with hosting a party? Martha Stewart, maybe, but the rest of us, not so

Store-bought cakes can be a total life-saver if you find yourself in a party bind. But you don’t have to settle for the bland, dry grocery store bakery cakes of yesteryear. These days you can find cakes of all flavors and designs that are more than worthy of the spotlight on your buffet table. Even your most judgey relatives won’t complain about the store-bought cake after they take their first bite.

Whether you prefer classic, cheese, or ice cream, these desserts take the…cake. And no, we will not apologize for the very-much-intended pun!

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