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14 Recipes That Make the Humble Mushroom the Star of the Meal

What do sexy steam rolls, creamy-dreamy pastas, taco Tuesday and the world’s most perfect Thanksgiving stuffing have in common? Mushrooms. If the 2020 Specialty Foods Association list of upcoming food trends is to be believed — and they were dead-on last year — dirty, earthy, funky, savory mushrooms are getting ready for their time in the sun. And you need all the recipes to keep this trendy fungus in your weekly rotation for months to come.

From a quick and creamy no-fuss mushroom risotto courtesy of everyone’s favorite kitchen gadget (the Instant Pot, duh!) to a visionary burger with a secret ingredient (hint: it involves the preserve version of a sweet Asian fruit) to Indian comfort food curries and a vegan-adaptable pot of Mexico’s version of chicken noodle soup, we’ve got all the recipes you need to make the humble mushroom the star of any meal, from weeknight family dinners to culinary masterpieces fit for date night.

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