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12 Sausage Recipes to Enjoy This Oktoberfest (or Just on a Wednesday)

Oktoberfest is around the corner, and that means collecting recipes that pair perfectly with your favorite Märzens. The clean and dry finish of Märzens was just meant to be drunk with a nice, ever-so-fatty sausage — though serving it with a side of potato salad certainly wouldn’t hurt. Ranging in color from pale to dark and in flavor from lightly toasty to extra-malty, whether you opt for a traditional German brat or go Italian or American, there’s bound to be an Oktoberfest beer that’s just the right fit.

These sausage recipes range from traditional to imaginative to just plain innovative and will elevate your Oktoberfest beer-drinking experience (and provide plenty of fatty goodness to help your body absorb that alcohol should you overimbibe). From sausages stuffed with anything you can imagine (and topped with more of the same) to German-Asian fusion to date night-appropriate offerings, these sausage recipes can be paired with Oktoberfest beers whether your plans involve snuggling with your sweetie or partying all night long.

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