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The Rosh Hashanah Dishes You Should Add to Your Celebration This Year

Rosh Hashanah, the celebration of the Jewish New Year begins on September 29th this year and if you’re planning on hosting, it’s time to start menu planning! 

Rosh Hashanah meals are fun and festive and often feature symbolic foods that are emblematic of wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year. There are pomegranates to signify abundance, apples and honey for a sweet new year, round challahs to suggest the circle of life and vegetables like beets, leeks, carrots, and even black eyed peas whose Hebrew meanings relate to the holiday in some way. 

To inspire your menu, we rounded up some classic Rosh Hashanah dishes as well as some fun modern twists on traditional fare. Many of these dishes are made with the symbolic ingredients of the holiday – test your guests and see if they can spot these symbolic ingredients and take a stab at the meaning behind each one for a fun and insightful conversation starter. Shanah tova!

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