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13 Fried Okra Recipes You Should Be Making This Fall

It’s been stirred into various stews, and it’s been tossed into gumbos. But undoubtedly everyone’s favorite way to eat okra? Fried, of course. And the fall months are the perfect time to rekindle your love for okra — which, by the way, is actually a fruit — because what many might not realize is fried okra can be used in a variety of popular dishes.

A southern favorite, fried okra is incredibly easy to make. It’s simply dredged in seasoned cornmeal and then fried until golden brown. But there are many other ways to eat fried snack or side. Want to sprinkle atop a flatbread alongside other seasonal veggies? Do it. How about stuffing the okra with pepper jack cheese? Worth it. The options are seemingly endless, but we’ve pared it down to the 13 fried okra recipes we’re most excited to whip up this fall.

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