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16 Light, Easy-to-Make Mediterranean Recipes You Should Add to Your Rotation

Tzatziki is my weakness. I eat so much of it, I often wonder if I have an actual addiction to the sauce and should start pulling back. But who am I kidding? There’s no resisting sliced-and-diced cucumber, fresh herbs, garlic and lemon juice sauce folded into creamy Greek yogurt. While the sauce can stand alone as a tasty, healthy dip (that I frequently pair with jalapeño-flavored pita chips — try it; it’ll change your life), tzatziki is best when complementing other light, easy-to-make Mediterranean dishes.

For those not familiar with Mediterranean food, the cuisine can be described with one word: magical. OK, fine, we’ll be more descriptive: Mediterranean food bursts with citrusy flavors, is chockfull of healthy fats, like olive oil; and embraces lean proteins, like chicken and fish. So, it makes sense the Mediterranean diet is such a popular one. In fact, it’s ranked No. 1 in the Best Diets Overall category, according to U.S. News.

But even if you aren’t looking to start a diet, leaning into Mediterranean cuisine is a great way to boost your brain power, improve your heart health and possibly drop a few pounds. But most importantly, it’ll make you feel good.

Ahead, we’ve gathered 12 Mediterranean recipes we recommend you start with first. They’re not only lighter options, but we did you a solid and only pulled easy-to-make recipes.

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