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The Best Back-to-School Snacks to Buy at Aldi

While we totally understand being paralyzed by your disbelief summer is almost over, it’s time to snap out of it — back-to-school madness is right around the corner. All summer long, your little star students have enjoyed a consistent routine of snack, play, repeat. But now that they’re going to need to get through a full day of school, you’re probably already trying to mentally jot down the food they’ll need to make it through that dreaded mid-day slump.

Of course, you’re worried about fueling your kids’ brains. Meanwhile, they’re far more worried about satisfying their tummies, not their cerebrums. That’s where you come in, Mom. It’s a good thing, too, because keeping your kids in a steady supply of back-to-school snacks requires budgeting. And you know what that means, right? It’s time to head to your local neighborhood Aldi, where you can stretch your dollar to the max and get an impressive variety of wholesome artisanal brands.

Here are some of Aldi’s latest offerings that would make killer additions to your kid’s lunchbox.

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