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Potato Salad Alternatives for People Who Can’t Stand Mayo

As long as the summer sun stretches on, so does the season of backyard barbecues — quintessential summer fun and, more pointedly, food! You know the kind of shindig we’re talking about, right? Casual and low-key, everyone chows down on Americana classics like hotdogs and hamburgers. Kids run around the yard barefoot. Heck, you might even slip off your shoes and relish in the way the cool blades of grass feel sliding up between your liberated toes.

But, circling back around to the food (because, priorities), we all know this means there are a few side dishes that always accompany whatever meat is sizzling on the grill. And you can file potato salad under “starchy side staple.” If you can hardly stand to look at a jar of mayo much less eat the condiment, though, you’re basically out of luck. Unless, that is, you bring your own mayo-free alternative.

Fortunately for the mayo-haters among us, we found a few delicious recipes to take the place of traditional potato salad. Some still incorporate potatoes, while the ones that don’t are similarly satisfying and filling. So, take a look and get ready to rep for all the mayo-naysayers at your next party.

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