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10 Ways to Turn Your Leftovers Into Pie (Yes, Pie)

So, you made a big meal and now you have a heaping helping of leftovers to contend with. You pour them into assorted containers and bags, then slide them into any spot in your fridge with a little space. Of course, we all know what may very well happen — those leftovers languish in the fridge, never to be seen again until you realize something has started to smell funny. That, or you try to tell your family you’re just going to eat the leftovers as is, and you get a look as though you told them you’re going to feed them worms for dinner (despite the fact they loved the meal the first go-round). There’s gotta be a better way to put your leftovers to good use, right?

Right! Our preferred method is turning your leftovers into pie. Gather up all of that extra food and, with a few other ingredients, you can transform them from boring remnants of a previous meal into an exciting new dish. We can probably all agree that savory pie is underappreciated, anyway. Do your part to make it more mainstream by whipping one up anytime you have leftover food taking up valuable real estate in your fridge or freezer.

The following recipes are tasty ways to turn your leftovers into pie.

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