These Baking Hacks Will Have You on Par With Mary Berry in No Time

by Justina Huddleston
Aug 31, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. ET

OK, so baking might be one of those talents that you are either born with or you aren't. Like being a hairstylist, actor or professional dancer, baking is a gift that some people are naturally graced with. But that doesn't mean you can't hack your way to faking pro-level skills.

Sure, most of us aren't destined to show up on one of those insane home cook shows like The Great British Baking Show. We're plenty content to just sit at home and watch. However, it's sure nice to be able to show off in the kitchen every now and again by busting out some amazing treats for family and friends. 

From the art of a slow cooking to next-level tricks for de-shelling eggs like a pro, we're sharing all our hacks that will up your baking skills like you wouldn't believe. 

Originally posted May 2015. Updated August 2017.

1 /20: Get the perfect cookie

1/20 :Get the perfect cookie

Tired of never having your chocolate chip cookies turn out quite right? Consult this guide for the perfect cookie every time.

2/20 :Juice it up

Trying to cut back on refined sugar? Try swapping it out with juice instead, like in these cranberry bran muffins.

3 /20: Cut it with floss

These hacks will have you baking like a pro

3/20 :Cut it with floss

For cheesecake or moist cakes with lots of filling, try cutting with unflavored dental floss! Just hold the floss taut, and slice away. You'll get a cleaner cut than with a knife.

4 /20: Make your own sugar

4/20 :Make your own sugar

If all you have is the granulated stuff, you're still in luck. You can make your own powdered sugar in a jif.

5 /20: DIY buttermilk

These hacks will have you baking like a pro

5/20 :DIY buttermilk

Who actually has buttermilk on hand? You can easily make your own with milk and lemon juice or vinegar, so you can have fluffy biscuits anytime.

6 /20: Use room temp eggs

6/20 :Use room temp eggs

You should always use room temperature eggs when you bake, but what if you forget? No problem! Just set them in a bowl of warm water for five to 10 minutes, and they'll be ready to go.

7 /20: Use a slow cooker

These hacks will have you baking like a pro

7/20 :Use a slow cooker

Don't feel like hovering by the oven, waiting for your cake to get done? No worries. Just use a slow cooker, and you can relax while your sweet treat cooks.

8 /20: Cut back on sugar

8/20 :Cut back on sugar

Looking to cut back on sugar? Try using a sweetener like agave, honey or stevia to make up for the sweetness in your recipes. Check out this chart for the lowdown on all your alternatives.

9 /20: Use a mix

These hacks will have you baking like a pro

9/20 :Use a mix

Pressed for time? You can always start with a boxed mix for your sweets and then doctor them up, like these cake batter brownies. Try one of these 17 cake mix hacks to start.

10 /20: Ripen bananas fast

10/20 :Ripen bananas fast

Craving banana bread but your fruit is still tinged with green? Just throw the bunch onto a baking sheet, and bake until black.

11 /20: DIY brown sugar

11/20 :DIY brown sugar

You can make your own brown sugar in a pinch by blending white sugar with molasses. Yum!

12 /20: Make ice cream bread

12/20 :Make ice cream bread

Ice cream bread? Yeah! All it takes is a carton of ice cream and some flour. Really!

13 /20: Keep brown sugar soft

13/20 :Keep brown sugar soft

Tired of scraping away at a hard brick of brown sugar? Store it in an airtight container or bag with two marshmallows or a slice of bread to keep things soft.

14 /20: Cut the fat

14/20 :Cut the fat

Watching your cholesterol? You can cut back on the fat in your recipes by swapping out butter and oil with a healthier ingredient, like applesauce, banana or mashed avocado. Try these vegan avocado brownies to start.

15/20 :DIY pie weight

Prebaked pie crusts can get puffy, breaking when you pour the filling on top. Pie weights help. All you need is some cheesecloth and dried beans or rice, and you're ready to go.

16 /20: No eggs? No prob

These hacks will have you baking like a pro

16/20 :No eggs? No prob

What to do if you run out of eggs? Consult this handy chart, and you'll never have to panic while baking again.

17 /20: Low-carb cauliflower

These hacks will have you baking like a pro

17/20 :Low-carb cauliflower

From cauliflower bagels to pizza-flavored breadsticks, cauliflower can help you keep low carb while still eating the foods you love.

18 /20: DIY paper funnel

18/20 :DIY paper funnel

Can't find your funnel? Not to worry. A cleverly folded piece of paper will do the trick.

19 /20: Keep cookies moist

19/20 :Keep cookies moist

Want to keep your cookies nice and moist? Store them in an airtight container with a wedge of apple. Try it with these strawberry-lemonade cookie sandwiches.

20/20 :De-eggshell easily

Accidentally cracked some shell into the bowl? Just wet your fingers, and you'll be able to easily grab the shell.