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If You Aren’t Eating Tomatoes Like This, Are You Even Enjoying Summer?

There are few foods that serve as a more palpable reminder that summer has arrived than tomatoes — fat, juicy, farmers’-market-fresh tomatoes. And there’s something nostalgic about eating tomatoes in the summer, isn’t there? Scarfing them straight from the vine as a child, giggling while the pulpy seeds spilled down your face. Asking for more salt, please. Or perhaps watching a grandparent artfully arrange slices on a piece of bread while, seemingly in one fell swoop, slathering the other side with Duke’s Mayonnaise (or Miracle Whip, depending on your druthers, but that’s an argument for another day).

But we’re all grown-ups here — at least we do our best at pretending to be — and the world of tomato recipes is exponentially larger than it was in our youth. We probably have Pinterest to thank for that. But the point is, you’d be doing both yourself and this beautiful fruit a disservice by not exploring all of the wonderful ways you can eat it.

Yes, they’re always going to be extra-delicious straight from vine. But the following recipes will make you appreciated tomatoes even more, not to mention make your summer just a little more magical (not to mention delicious).

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