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Hands Off, Kids — These 17 Frozen Summer Treats Are Adult-Only

When it’s hot, there’s nothing better than a frozen treat to cool you down. Well, almost nothing better. Because, let’s be real, the only thing that can improve upon a frozen treat on a scorching day is cold brew of the alcoholic beverage variety. Heretofore, you just can’t beat a boozy frosty dessert during the dog days of summer.

Of course, it goes without saying that — even though little ones love popsicles, slushies and the like — these frozen treats are decidedly adult. If you’re feeling benevolent, you could always keep a box of standard ice cream bars stashed in the freezer for little hands. But these delightfully cool (figuratively and literally) treats are just for you! In fact, no one here is going to judge you if you buy a mini-freezer solely intended for stashing away your personal supply of grown-up sustenance.

From coke pops with rum to a milkshake made with craft beer, these ice-cold boozy beauties are destined to become that indulgence you reach for all summer long.

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