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21 No-Bake Pies You Need to Make Right This Instant

Everyone needs a quick and easy dessert up their sleeve. Maybe you’ve been invited to a party and want to contribute a crowd-pleaser. Perhaps you want to whip up something for a special family dinner. Or, hey, it could be as simple as trying to satisfy your sweet tooth. But when you need something in a pinch, it should fit a few criteria — it needs to not be a huge production to make, and it needs to taste delicious. This is where no-bake pies are your BFF.

And there is no better time for no-bake pies than warm weather seasons. When sweltering outside, you don’t want to fuss with the added heat of an oven. You want something where the time between prep and shoving it in your mouth is blissfully short and refreshingly bake-free, right?

Look no further, pie-lovers. The following recipes don’t require an oven… just an appetite.

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