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These Pasta Salad Recipes Will Win All Your Summer Parties

Think about your favorite summer foods. You know, the ones that are always served at backyard cookouts. Pasta salad made the cut, right? Because we don’t know about you, but we’d eat pasta salad at just about every meal but there’s just something particularly satisfying about seeing it served in summer alongside food straight from the grill. Despite the fact that pasta is a comfort food and can feel heavy, it seems to take on a much lighter and more refreshing quality during the summer months.

Of course, with pasta salad being such a staple of summer parties, you might show up to a friend’s fete and find you’ve brought the same dish as another partygoer. Since traditional pasta salad doesn’t have too many variations, that means everyone at the party is getting a double dose of the same old, same old.

Which is precisely why we put together this list of exciting pasta salad recipes! They aren’t just standard side dishes — they’re destined to become the star of any summer party.

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