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12 Recipes From Our Favorite Female Fictional Heroes

It’s just an empowering feeling when you find a fictional female hero who inspires you. Whether they’re from a popular TV show, a movie or a book you couldn’t put down, these fierce fictional characters bring you to life in a sense. So, it’s only natural to imagine what must make them tick. And since we love food so much, our natural inclination is to look to what our favorite imaginary ladies are using for fuel.

Granted, there are tons of amazing fictional female characters out there — and not all of them reference the things they like to eat. If you see some seriously kickass women missing from the list, just know that’s probably why. For the purpose of this article, we’ve homed in on characters who are associated with a specific food.

So, prepare to be both inspired and hungry in equal measure! Here are recipes inspired by 12 of our favorite female fictional heroes.

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